What Customers Say | Ice Cream Plant



I would like everyone to check out "Ice Cream Plant." <3 Great prices, and, all natural ingredients used to make every tasteful treat.

R'e Whoo

The ice cream is absolutely delicious! I highly recommend pumpkin spice! Like eating pumpkin pie!!! YUM!!!

Pam Miller Luetkemeyer

Absolutely delicious! I tried the blue moon & strawberry flavors at VegBash this past week. I'm in love.

Candice Taylor

i have an extremely strict diet for medical reasons and until finding the ice cream plant, i was unable to find a single non-dairy ice cream brand that i was able to eat. thanks to them i get to have ice cream in my life again. and its so good. bless.

Katie Boone

Hands down the best vegan ice cream I have ever tried. I picked up two pints of the Cinnamon and Blue Moon at Plum Market and they were delicious!!

Taylor Wiz

Truly the best Cinnamon ice cream I've ever had. The flavor was unbelievable and the texture reminded me of my Grandma's Gelato........yummmmmmm

Kathy Weber Trush